CICS Elevator Speech

CICS, Center for Information and Communication Sciences, is an accelerated graduate program attempting to bridge business and technology in the workplace.  Students come from all parts of the world in order to join this program; 95%+ of graduates have a job by the time they leave the program, an amazing feat that other programs are not able to conquer.  Many of its candidates go and work for fortune 1000 companies such as IBM, ATT, Accenture, Cisco, and many others.  CICS has a formula that no other program like it can seem to copy, thus the outstanding success.  There are three key components to this formula are our Social Learning Program (SSLP), the variety of the teachers, and the biggest component; the alumni.

The first component is the Social Learning Program, this is a program that all CICS candidates are encouraged to be apart of.  This program is a way for students and faculty to actually get to know each other outside of work and school.  Faculty members often hold “socials” on weekends or evenings and invite CICS students to come out and socialize and build those ever important social networks.

The second component is the variety of the faculty; this is a hard component to describe but a student that has been through the program or is going through the program will be able to see this right away.  Faculty are from all walks of life and each has a different skill set compared to the other.  This combination molds CICS students perfectly giving them the ability to thrive after the program.

Finally the last component that makes CICS so great is its alumni base.  The alumni are very supportive of the program more so than any other program I’ve ever seen.  The alumni giving support to the center mostly through their time but also giving money occasionally allows CICS students the ability to see the outside workplace without being in it yet.

CICS is a 11 month intense graduate program merging business and technology together.  This program will be the most intensive thing a student has ever done it their life.  This is not a warning message saying not go through the program but a reminder that this program will test you but also give you some of the best friends of your life and the best jump start to your career.

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