5G R&D Gaining Momentum

5G R&D Gaining Momentum

The big hype in technology advancement lately pertains to the development of the 5G network. The new network will revolutionize information delivery, accessibility, and data processing speeds. I feel that it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements of 5G seeing as it will play a vital role in our future and reform many of the ways in which we utilize the network today.

A recent post by ITP.net, a Middle East technology & ICT news portal, sheds some light on 5G research and development advancements. In the article, they state that smartphone brand OPPO is teaming up with American research centre NYU WIRELESS at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering to sponsor research aimed at creating the next generation of wireless technologies. It is stated that students and faculty will be highly involved with the project. I would imagine that OPPO sees the added knowledge-value and resources that NYU Tandon School of Engineering can bring to the table in the partnership. Also, I am sure the school is happy to partner with a smartphone company because of their resources and assets.

Mobile communication technology will be a crucial component when it comes to the further development and launch of the 5G network. OPPO is hoping to become a major player in the smartphone tech that it takes to enable mobile devices for 5G communications and processing. With companies pairing up in hopes of finding the next big breakthrough, 5G is sure to be an exciting topic to follow.

For more information from ITP.net, follow http://www.itp.net/612978-oppo-advances-5g-research-and-development

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  1. JP,
    good post; good use of source citation.
    Nota Bene the university-private partnership, two strands of the triple-helix collaboration that makes for smart cities.

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