The Art of Motivation

The Art of Motivation

Finding ways to motivate employees and encourage them to work hard has been a widely studied subject for many years. A recent publication in the South China Morning Post suggests that using a technique, coined as “respectful inquiry”, has highly effective results when it comes to motivating employees. The article is written from a leaders perspective and being someone who has both led and been led, I highly agree with much of the content presented.

Respectful inquiry involves asking questions in an open way that encourages group discussion, then actively listening to the discussion points brought up and coming to a conclusion together. The bottom line is that people do not want to feel like the solution has already been laid out and planned by higher management before they even walk into a meeting, they want to have a voice and present suggestions too. “Studies suggest that, as long as people sense that their opinions have been heard, they will usually support the final decision, even if it goes against their original argument” (Felps, 2017). The respectful inquiry technique is appreciated by the group because it shows them that they are seen as competent and can provide knowledge value to the team.

I personally feel that the respectful inquiry technique is a great way for leaders to motivate a team. When working on a team it is important for everyone listen and be heard. People generally have good ideas that can often lead to more competent solutions.

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    Excellent post, with good reference to South China Morning Post (SCMP), one of the most important information sources in Asia and worldwide.
    We appreciate the knowledge-value-added.

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