A Game Changer: 5G

A Game Changer: 5G

For roughly the past 10 years, connection speeds to the internet for collaboration tools, research, development applications, mobile communications, social media and much more have been limited to the power and capacity of the 4G network. Recent developments and advancements in 5G technologies will soon revolutionize the ways in which we understand the limits and throughput data communications with information and communication technologies. With the expected launch of 5G to be sometime in early 2020, companies are ramping up their research and development budgets to explore the significance of the new technology.

At the recent 5G MENA 2017 Summit held in Dubai from April 30th – May 2nd, Huawei received an award for the “Biggest Contribution to 5G R&D”. Huawei received the award for leading the development of 5G networks, helping to accelerate innovation that is leading to faster commercial availability of 5G (Kuwait Times, 2017). The era of 5G will help to fuel the digital transformation and allow for more devices to send and receive information at speeds that were unimaginable just two generations ago.

It is projected that 5G will deliver a minimum of 1Gbps speeds across all devices, wired or wireless. This new frontier will allow for companies to utilize research and development tools like never before. Organizations will be able to obtain real time data analytics on whichever area of research they are conducting. 5G will play a major role in the advancement of receiving massive mounts of information and processing it into a comprehensible  and useful format. 5G is a breakthrough technology that will add value to almost any organization and allow them to become a leader in technology for the next several years to come.

For more information on the 5G MENA 2017 Summit, visit: http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/huawei-awarded-biggest-contribution-5g-rd/

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