Information Renaissance

Information Renaissance

Information is perhaps the one thing that individuals desire to acquire throughout their lifetime. The delivery of messages has been an evolutionary process since the creation of the semaphore flag system back in the 1800’s. Humans communicate, and in order for them to transmit information over distances, they must have a system to do so. The semaphore flag system was just the beginning of delivering information. Nowadays, individuals can access information easier than ever. With the creation of Google, Yahoo, and search engines alike, information is readily published, available, and accessible. People not only seek information on the world-wide web by using search engines, but they also ask friends and family. Many times, communication to friends and family is done via a phone call or text message. Each evolutionary medium for attaining information in use today can be considered part of the information renaissance.

As more knowledge is published and research is conducted, it is generally made available in some way to the public. Some classified information that the government owns usually is not made available unless a “leak” occurs. Individuals who have a problem that they are trying to solve or are looking to learn something about a topic that is foreign to them can simply conduct a Google search and become a professional on the topic in a matter of seconds. One example of this can looking up how to lay tile. Within minutes one can look up a topic, read a bit about it, possibly even watch a video, and take care of their problem themselves. Other examples of getting information are checking the weather, seeing the score of a game, or checking social media accounts.

With the increasing amount of information that is rapidly available to the public, individuals can become a professional on a subject in no time. The information renaissance is an era we are currently living in. Information is so greatly desired that the evolution of this era will likely continue for years to come. The amount of information that is available at one’s fingertips dwarfs what was available by the semaphore flag system when the information renaissance can be considered to have begun. The thing to think about is, what could dwarf how we access information today?

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