CICS program in USA context

CICS program in USA context

CICS program in USA context

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS), located in Muncie, IN of the United States is a growing program with a bright future ahead of itself. CICS has been around since 1986 and is continuing to grow on a yearly basis. The center, as it is commonly referred to, is a breeding grounds for creating professionals who have the ability to serve as a critical asset to companies who integrate business and technology. The program develops individuals and prepares them for careers related to the technology industry. Businesses can greatly benefit from integrating certain components of technology into their business and it is a CICS graduates’ duty to provide the research and technical capabilities in order to do so.

Many individuals who take on the grueling challenge of the accelerated 11-month program that the center offers, come from diverse backgrounds. Many students also have the option to complete the master’s program over two years versus the accelerated option. Some individuals who enter the program have absolutely zero background in technology. CICS prepares students to integrate their previous knowledge and experience with the technical and professional skills learned in the program, in order to develop an exceptional group of individuals ready to make a positive difference in the workplace. The program offers courses that can each demonstrate different students’ strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to develop professionals that can present, research, write, and overall be a forward-thinking individual.

Technology is meant to be portrayed as a tool for business that has the ability to help in the businesses overall performance. Technology also can save time and valuable resource such as money within an organization. It is important that the professionals coming out of the program have a thorough understanding of the workings and complexity of technology as it relates to the workplace. Much success has come to individuals who have completed the CICS program. For more information on the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, visit


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