Smarter Cities and a Brighter Future

Smarter Cities and a Brighter Future

The concept of creating “smarter cities” has been around for a few years now, but as we have become technologically driven we have begun to see this concept begin to take shape. According to the IEEE, the idea of smart cities is to bring technology, government, and society together to better the city for the present, the future, and its collected population. The primary means to this approaching concept is through technology and its development within different parts of the city. Some of these developments include things such as advancements in transportation as to cut down on emissions and travel times, solar energy light poles and roadways, and a unified wireless network throughout the city.

Sometimes the term “smart city” relays the thought of the future or a futuristic world. While the idea of being innovative and bring new upcoming technology to a city implied looking ahead, it’s not exactly on the same lines as The Jetsons. Much of the technology being brought to these areas are through IoT, or the Internet-of-Things. The IoT is the development of the internet through our everyday devices. Connected Home devices are a great example is this and allow things like our lights, coffee maker, and door lock to connect to the internet and be controlled via wifi. Large scale implementation of these kinds of devices for cities can include things like cars you can rent via your smartphone, NFC parking meters payments, and a single app that will connect all “smart” aspects of the city together on your devices.

The smart city is a very interesting and forward thinking movement that one day in this lifetime I for one hope that we will be fortunate enough to experience. The usability and even environmental impact some of these technologies will give us can truly change the world one city at a time.

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