Liveblogging 2016 Intelligent Community Forum Summit-Day 2-John Swanson musician

At Intelligent Community Forum (ICF)Summit 2016, Day 2.

At the Center for Information and Communication Sciences, we are vitally concerned with the social impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). That’s why the “smart cities” movement worldwide is of interest to us, and an area in which we do research and development.

At the end of a long, serious program of social and economic development sessions, the ICF organizers treat the delegates to one of a series of “cultural and artistic presentations” scattered throughout the conference program.

Now on is singer John Swanson, playing acoustic guitar and singing.

John recommends Dick’s Den, as the best jazz in Columbus, Ohio.

The locals say there is a thriving arts scene in the city. Worth looking at and for, if you can find the time in your professional schedules.