Liveblogging the 2019 Nordic Innovation Conference, Seattle (8)–“Panel: Cities of the Future–smart, livable, both or neither?””

Pamela Tiller, Moderator, Nordic City Solutions, Hilde Tonne, Ramboll Group; Inger Gustafsson, Head of Silicon Valley office (at Nordic Innovation House), Vinnova (swedish government agency for innovation); Kristoffer Vik Hansen CEO Spare; Shcristian J. Kofod, Sustainability Manager, ROCKWOOL, Oyvind Birkenes, CEO Airthings

  1. Kofod: cities, 90% time spent indoors; 70% cities dealing with climate change; 15% of people live in energy poverty, including 40 million Americans; 82% Americans live in cities
  2. Birkenes: people spend more time indoors, so indoor air quality important to people; indoor air quality typically worse than outdoor
  3. Comment: much space in cities today is dedicated to transport–roads, parking lots; with better, efficient transport, more space is opened for people
  4. Tonne: for cities, need holistic planning, not just one sector (transport, health, for example); must ask people what they need. People want livable cities for themselves and their families. Competition between cities will be based on attractiveness of livability
  5. Privacy, Christian J. Kofod, moving from Nordic to USA regions, amount of noise, especially in hotels; need to develop privacy when we are in public areas
  6. Comment from Airthings panelist, some cities afraid to monitor school air quality, because they know it’s bad.
  7. Inger Gustafsson, Difference between Nordics and American approaches; in Nordics, role of government is for the citizens, not to cover something that private sector can’t or won’t. Also, Nordic public sector has money, from taxation; have money to fund projects, provide incentives for sectors to come together; business case is for cooperation, for opportunities, and for knowledge, to cooperate and bring sectors together. Can bring cities closer together.
  8. Kofod: outsiders need to see USA not just as one market, but many differences
  9. Hansen, business case for livable cities desire by people will come; example Arpanet designers didn’t think of Snapchat application, in the same way, these smart platforms may provide opportunities we don’t even conceive of yet
  10. USA contribution to Nordic culture? Birkenes, need USA innovativeness, “craziness,” willingness to take risks
  11. Tonne: value USA communities’ “community spirit” that can do things in new ways, like crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing

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