Liveblogging the 2019 Nordic Innovation Conference, Seattle (7)–“Keynote: “Livable Cities–the key to world leadership in human happiness””

Hilde Tonne, Chief Innovation Officer, Ramboll Group, Keynote: “Livable Cities–the key to world leadership in human happiness”

  1. “Human Needs Meeting Technologies = Happiness”
  2. in 2050, 6 billion people will live in cities, two-thirds of world’s population; movement of people into middle classes, especially in Asia and Indian; 60% of land for new urban areas, not yet planned (thus a chance to make people happy, in livable cities, worldwide)
  3. Ramboll Group has Innovation Accelerator unit; example work, “hyperlocal scale, air quality”–“where I live” (representative Julia); example, Singapore high rise building; example, Copenhagen partnering with Movia, “transportation as a service”; example, healthcare in Hamburg, robotic logistics, takes 10-20% of workload from healthcare professionals; example Tampere Finland, autonomous transport; example Copenhagen waste-to-energy plant, built with ski slope on roof (combining happiness with energy efficiency).
  4. “Livability is enabled by technology,” not the main goal technology itself

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