Liveblogging the 2019 Nordic Innovation Conference, Seattle (6)–“Panel: Livable Oceans–the Role of Technology”

Amy Scarton, Moderator, Washington Department of Transportation Assistant Secretary; Per Reinhall, Professor University of Washington; Lasse Karlsen, Director of Technology, Norwegian Maritime Authority; Joshua Berger, Director of Maritime, Washington State; Olivier Cadet, President Kongsberg Maritime

  1. Lasse Karlsen, on autonomous ships, and new ship technologies; want by 2050 reduce fossil fuels by 90%; Norway a testbed. Autonomous ships save energy consumption.
  2. Berger, Washington State Governor’s Maritime Sector Lead; liaison role. Want to accelerate a “blue economy.” Using Norway and Nordics as a model. OECD says ocean economy by 2030 could double. Strategy Planning (released in January 2019): Work for Thriving, Low Carbon Industry; Global Innovation Hub; Growing Gateways; 21st Century Workforce; World-Class Cluster. (See Washington State Department of Commerce); Triple Helix, Private Sector, Government, Research organizations, plus workforce participation
  3. AI displaces tasks, not jobs (Olivier Cadet, President North American Region, Kongsberg Maritime)
  4. Berger: regulation sets ecosystem to help support new technology, and gives targets; Cadet says Norway has such an ecosystem
  5. Comment: in Norway, operator of the technology is responsible for its impact; another comment, yes: going into elevator today is safe, even without a person operating elevator (autonomous vehicle) because of previous regulation and licensing; Berger: regulators and industry working together makes it easier to assume risk
  6. Comment: as with aircraft, probable that autonomous systems backed up with people

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