Liveblogging the 2019 Nordic Innovation Conference (13): “Robert Strand: Sustainable Vikings–Nordic ways of life and work”

Robert Strand, University of California, Berkeley, Executive Director

Did PhD at Copenhagen; obsessed with Nordics now; his argument: The world faces urgent sustainability challenges, and the Nordics can give examples of solutions

Sustainable development goals of UN (“World’s greatest development assessment) launched in 2015 till 2030; idea comes from Nordics; Gro Harlem Brundtland defined it: Sustainable Development

SDG INDEX (Jeffrey Sachs) shows Nordics at the top; USA #35

other than Milton Friedman and Michael Porter, classic American approaches to business as profit-driven, or competition driven, compare cooperative approach of Eric Rhenman book Industrial Democracy and Industrial Management (Swede)

Works at Berkeley with Henry Chesbrough, Open Innovation

SustainableVikings–working title of book on this; upcoming study that encapsulates these ideas; may have it done by next year’s conference

New Executive MBA immersion focuses on the Nordics

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