Liveblogging the 2019 Nordic Innovation Conference (12): “AI for Good–Can we make it happen”

Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Co Founder, the AI Sustainability Center in Stockholm, also worked at Ericsson, as Chief Sustainability Officer; Alf Karlsson, former Deputy Minister, Housing and Digital in Sweden; Vahé Torossian, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Western Europe, Microsoft (INSEAD, MBA University of Chicago Booth School of Business)

  1. Grunewald, risk of AI? She worked 20 years at Ericsson, “technology for good” platform; not a tagline. What about bias of technology, or bias of technology creator; machine or data bias; misuse or overuse of data; wrong use, as in face recognition. Risks: privacy issues and others, all compromise trust
  2. Karlsson: you must prioritize what you are going to deal with, of all the issues
  3. Policy makers’ role? Karlsson, need for regulation, yet politicians may not be the ones to make technology decisions (policy ones, maybe); AI is HERE, however; it’s up to you to chose as a leader. Need to get more education; says Finland wants 1% people to be educated about AI. In Sweden, still have people never been online. More education is key, especially for politicians. Raise awareness, for leaders and people.
  4. Grunewald: example, AI-algorithms influencing hiring decisions; red-lining mortgage loans, all AI-driven; risk of companies creating “integrity paradox” when you sign long-winded “agreements” just to get into an application, when you don’t know the ramifications; “Data is the new gold”
  5. Question: Business case for trust? Torossian: “Trust is everything.” Facial recognition, we may want to push for more regulation. Just like taking an airplane, you wouldn’t ride a plane half as safe for half the price.



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