Liveblogging the 2018 Nordic Innovation Conference, Seattle (7)–Norwegian Olympic Movement Strategies for Success

Niels Røine EVP Communications, Norwegian Olympic/Paralympic Committee

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: “Play, Teamwork, and Performance—or How to Rule the Olympics”

  1. Winter Olympics 2018, Norway won 39 medals, 14 gold, most of any country for winter Olympics; “skiing has always been at the heart of our culture” back to 12th century. Slogan: “We are still pioneering.” Start with childhood; want the kids to be outside, summer and winter. Skiing culture is the foundation for all the winter sports.
  2. One purpose to Norwegian sport: to have joy. Different from emphasis of other countries, including USA. Question: what’s in it for the kids? They have to have joy, and feel that they can manage. Slogan for kids: “I manage.” Last year, 93% of all Norwegian children were in a sports club. 12,000 winter sports clubs.
  3. In Norway, the usual four major sports organizations (national Olympic Committee for example) are in one organization. “A free, open, and democratic popular movement.” Not organized through schools, aim for volunteer engagement.
  4. Values: Honesty; Health; Community; Love of Sport.
  5. Emphasis on leadership; democratic but when decisions are made, everyone has the expectation to follow. Later, evaluation can be made to make changes.
  6. Basic philosophy: Learning from the best athletes; cross-sports experiences; 24-hour-a-day athletes
  7. Always asking questions; “the best athletes always ask the best questions”
  8. Digital world; now “e-sport” will be very important in Norway


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