Liveblogging the 2018 Nordic Innovation Conference, Seattle (5)–Ericsson Speakers on Ericsson 5G Broadband Innovation

Peter Linder (5G in North America), Ericsson, Lunch Keynote; along with Ulf Edwaldsson (5G History from Day1); Robert McCrorey, (5G Innovation in Seattle)

Peter Linder(5G in North America):

1. Today in North America 95% population covered by mobile broadband; 18 Billion connected devices in 2017; 8x worldwide data traffic jump from 2017 to 2023

2. USA per-capita smartphone penetration = 93%; actual people 77% (some have more than one mobile device)

3. Projections: Total mobile traffic grows 8x between 2017 and 2013; in 2023 global 5G traffic is 20%; Video grows 10 times, reaching 75% of total traffic (each of THESE video bits have less information value); today mostly text and pictures

4. Global market for operator service revenue $1.5 T; 2026 only 1.5% more, $1.736; opportunity, digitalization revenues will grow from $968B to $3.458B, 13.6% growth

5. Opportunities (scale driven versus performance-driven; Ericsson has chart with 400-use cases):

5.1  Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB); performance-driven

5.2 Fixed Wireless Access (FWA)–example, Verizon, with fixed 15M BB; 100M mobile; they see 30M more household–fiber close to user, then 5G;

5.3 Massive IoT (scale driven)

5.4 Critical IoT (example: self-driving cars)

6. Revenue potential 5G for operators; adding an addressable 36% revenue growth potential

7. Ten most important industries; Manufacturing the largest (18%); agriculture the smallest, about 1% (has pie chart of these segments)

8. “It is all about use-case evolution”

Ex: enhanced mobile broadband from current: screens everywhere, to 5G experience: immersive experience

9. Ericsson pushing to accelerate develop of global standard; expand 5G ecosystems beyond mobile; execute a variety of 5G proof of concept trials; develop insights on 5G industry potential

Ulf Edwaldsson, (5G History from Day1):

10. was CTO; CIO; now advisor to CEO

11. Innovation: “Most things start on a napkin.” In 2012, in San Diego, CTO meeting spoke of next generation

12. “Telecom is a totally standardized industry;” everything has to talk to everything else; standards from 1876; licensing is key

13. Nordic broadband wireless innovation generations: NT (1G); 2002 then 2G (GSM); in 2012, mobile traffic 5 Exabytes (18 zeroes;1 EB = 10006bytes = 1018bytes = 1000000000000000000B = 1000 petabytes = 1millionterabytes = 1billiongigabytes.), as many as every word the human race has ever spoken; about 4.5B subscribers; then 4G

13.1 each generation about 10 years in this technology

14. Today 4G coverage about 55% in world; in next 4 years, 85% (real smartphone experience)

15. Latency; battery life (aim for 10 years’ battery life on any sensor); AI technology based on “sensors everywhere” looping back on itself

16. China wants 5G to modernize its entire industry; “China is a company; the entire nation is a company” so watch their approach; 5G will be a race to modernize industries worldwide (some countries will be left behind)

Robert McCrorey, (5G Innovation in Seattle); works in local Bellevue office; T-Mobile his main client

17. In technology industry, you work with people from all over the world; in Ericsson, 25% employees in R&D; half employees in service (“innovation happens in service as well”); industry founded by Bell in 1876; Ericsson founded in 1876 as well;

18. now ever-increasing impact on society; yet every new positive innovation also brings new problems; ex: social issues with smart phones; RF radiation; Ericsson is willing to discuss technological problems as well as advantages

19. Ericsson has about 10,000 USA employees; HQ in Plano, TX; Net sales $6.093 B (FY 2017); 500 employees in Bellevue; largest customers: att; rogers; sprint; century link etc.

20. Some people say 5G widespread deployment in 2020; yet that period really is about early use-cases; innovations will cycle rapidly the more deployment is done




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