Liveblogging Women Working in Technology (WWiT) Conference (2)–Megan McManes on Design Thinking

Megan McManes (MM), next speaker:

Design Thinking: Thinking Inside & Outside the Box – Megan McNames, Product Owner, Emplify

  1. Likes design thinking as a concept and approach to work. Her blog post on company site on this topic is their most popular.
  2. Design thinking is the INNOVATION at the center of three circles of product requirements: Desirable|Feasible|Viable
  3. MM suggests three critical stages in design thinking: Inspiration>Ideation>Implementation
  4. “It’s a process of going wide and then narrowing.”
  5. Inspiration depends on Divergent Thinking in problem exploration
  6. Convergence finds the patterns of the data we are bringing in, then reassembling with basic themes that emerge; called “Affinity Mapping.”
  7. MM likes to print many things out. This is helpful to keep track of the many data points that come when you are doing research.
  8. In design, you have to be able to relish the answers users give when you ask: “Tell me what you HATE about our product.”
  9. How to generate divergent solutions: defer judgment; reward quantity over quality; share ideas and ask people build on them
  10. “Design thinking is for everybody.” It’s nonlinear. “Less about stages, and more about spaces.” “It’s really a series of overlapping spaces.”

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