Liveblogging Women Working in Technology (WWiT) Conference (1)–Opening & Lauren Koenig Keynote

Today, 24 March 2017 is the annual Women Working in Technology conference, sponsored by the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) at Ball State University (BSU).

CICS Associate Director Kirsten Smith opens the conference after a clever introductory video, developed by CICS Graduate Assistant Matthias Tankersley. (Theme music reminiscent of David Letterman Show. Letterman is a Ball State University alumnus.)

Opening Keynote by Lauren Koenig (BSU ’04, in Journalism), CEO and Cofounder of TWIP (“Traveling With Interesting People”). Based in New York City.

She says “Let curiosity drive you.”

Her approach for the delegates is EDIPT, an acronym to remember by her own mnemonic “Every Day I Plan Trips.”

EDIPT stands for Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test.

These are the steps she uses to develop her projects.

Her company has designed a “Travanality” personality profile of traveler types. (Maverick, Altruist, Epicurien, Culturist, Soulager, Wayfarer, Imaginavo, Purist, Urbanite) See the company website.

TWIP Travanality figure

“You can’t be too focused. Noise is necessary to find the signal.”

“Don’t be too tunnel visioned. You may miss the biggest opportunities.”


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