Glass Houses Need Insulation

For anyone pursuing a career in technology, politics, research and development, finance, etc., Glass Houses by Joel Brenner is a must read.  The book takes us on a journey through the world of a technological system that is vulnerable.  More and more industries are plugging high value data into the internet without protecting it properly.  Companies are becoming targets, attacked from foreign cyber attackers.  Government intelligence data is at risk from internal theft and cyber-attack.

Recent attacks include the hacking into the DNC database and DDoS attacks through IoT devices.  These attacks are not new nor are they going to go away.  They are increasing and affect every market.

As an individual working in the field of technology, I will be working with companies that need proper security planning to make sure valuable data is not stolen.  Cyber-attacks can cost millions of dollars whether in lost revenue or stolen secrets.  If we as managers/leaders in this field don’t insulate or secure databases sufficiently, company revenue and research will “leak” offshore shifting the innovative edge to other countries and companies.

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