The CICS Melting Pot

The decision to join a masters program, leaving behind a 20 year career in business management, was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I chose CICS because of the diversity in the curriculum, faculty, and students.  The CICS masters program is a unique program that facilitates students personal and professional growth, capitalizing on individual strengths and encouraging collaboration to make success a group activity.

Graduate students joining the program have a variety of under graduate degrees- Psychology, Criminal Justice, Business, Theater, Accounting, and Journalism. By joining CICS they are able to take foundation courses to prepare them for a career in the tech world while using electives to tailor their degree towards the specific path they want to take.  Graduates come out of this program ready to pursue careers as consultants, network engineers, project management, data analyst, etc.

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences also offers an opportunity for students to gain experience working with Institutes associated with the program.  These institutes allow students to work on real-world problems, research opportunities, and certifications while pursuing their degree.  With this “immersive learning” approach, students graduate with hands-on experience.

The social learning  portion of the program is truly unique.  The faculty and alumni are committed to make sure students are not only armed with the academic education needed for success but also social skills.  From learning what not to do with your resume, preparation for an interview, business dinner etiquette, and appropriate dress the faculty and alumni mentor students throughout the entire process.  The success of this program by the unique approach of classroom, social, lab and institute opportunities, and alumni involvement is evident by the 90% success rate of students graduating having already secured employment.  The social learning opportunities, hands on experience, and challenging curriculum are only part of the mix of CICS.  The faculty support, alumni mentoring, and student collaboration combine to create a melting pot of success.


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