Information Renaissance: Are We Too Interconnected?

Information Renaissance: Are We Too Interconnected?

Today we are in a period of ‘information renaissance’ because of the technology we have available. Technology is constantly advancing and we are moving towards self-driving cars, smart cities, and smart homes. Information is prevalent on the world-wide web, and within a few minutes users can educate themselves on topics they knew nothing about a few minutes ago. And we have these devices at our finger tips with smart phones. With a smart phone, assuming one has cell service, you can google something to find out the information you need all at the cost of some data on a cell phone plan.

Information is also being used in a different way. Because nearly everyone has access to the internet, data has become an extremely hot-button topic. Companies are using browsing habits, geolocation, and other things to decide when they can send coupons, among other things, all because of Big Data. Not because of Big Data, but another issue with all of us being so interconnected is security. Securing all of this information is a crucial part of all of this in today’s society. Information is wealth and power, so keeping the data we want safe is vital.

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