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My name is Eric Barlow, I am a Graduate Student in the Information and Communication Sciences Masters program at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I will hopefully graduate in December, after four semesters in the CICS program. I hope to join a corporation in either Indianapolis or Cincinnati in the area of project management or IT management. I currently work at the Digital Corps, a media development office on the campus of Ball State University, as their part-time assistant project manager and IT supervisor.

I received my undergraduate degree from Ball State in Telecommunications, with a minor in business. I enrolled in the CICS program to reinforce my undergraduate business training and strengthen my skill set in information technology and management.

In my limited time as an assistant project manager, I have had the opportunity to manage a wide diversity of projects included a small scale R&D project. I am looking forward to ICS 698 with Dr. Gillette because I hope that it will increase my knowledge about managing R&D projects and teach me how to better approach projects of this nature with new techniques. Additionally, my office at Ball State is partnering with Marketing and Communications to produce the new Ball State departmental websites, including the new CICS website which is one of the main focuses of this course. I hope that my familiarity with this project will allow me to give the class a unique insight into all elements and aspects of the way the project is actually progressing.

I look forward to working with Dr. Gillette and everyone in this class. Feel free to contact me and connect with me on LinkedIn at


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