Plagiarism and Technology

Plagiarism is very discrediting and unacceptable in every aspect of life. These days as technology has made it possible to share our ideas and more across the world, it has also constrained the plagiarism especially in the Academic field. A perfect example is the safe assign features on Ball State University’s Black board site. Because there is the tendency commit plagiarism unintentionally, safe-assign has limited the possibility with its rules of constraint. By placing some constraints in safe assign, it gives the writer a limited percentage of citations and quotes to retain the author’s original ideas while referencing claims from other authors. secondly, it uses an algorithm to search for similarities in combinations of words and sentences against a large database of words and sentences in the internet. Lastly, it acts as way of proof-reading your paper to provide top-notch quality work worth publishing. If one is able to clear the huddles of safe assign and turns his or her assignment in, there is the peace of mind and high level of confidence that your assignment is free from plagiarism.

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