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On Friday, December 2nd, was the Accenture challenge. Our team’s energy finally returned after the delicious breakfast was served. prior to D-Day, it had been a week of research on the topic of our presentation or consultation. Generally, we were all running on few hours of sleep but we were determined to sell our ideas as professionals.Indeed, we definitely tend to perform best when under pressure and the sense of achievement outweighs the actual reward received. I remember a story i was told in Nigeria many years ago. This was the story of the race between the hawk and tortoise. At go, the hawk flew very swiftly and made it to the finish line in a matter of minutes. The tortoise, however, took his time and eventually made it to the finish line. Spectators watching the race were very excited and yet curious as to why the tortoise took so long to finish the race. Then the tortoise shared his interesting and adventurous story of how he saw different terrains, met different tribes, tried different dishes and more. Although the tortoise lost the race to time, he won the race with his rich adventures and experiences. But the most important thing is he never lost sight of the finish line. A moral to the story is to life isn’t about rushing things but expanding our knowledge and understanding of life itself.

I felt the challenge had some much to offer in terms of team work, focus, simplicity and competence. This was a real life scenario of the challenges consultants face when dealing with clients. Firstly, Team work is very important. if your team is focused, competent and have a simple style of presenting, it gives leverage to gaining the full and attention of your clients. Secondly, another ingredient to the mix would be improvisation. By improvisation, i am referring to having a contingent plan or plan B should the first plan fail. I remember Dr. Gillette corrected our team on having an estimate ready when presenting to clients. I am very happy that we got that tip because if it were an actual consultation, our pitch would have been discredited. I was very fortunate our team won second place but honored to have this opportunity to experience the challenges of consulting from Accenture.

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