Center for Information and Communication Sciences

Center for Information and Communication Sciences

If you have recently finished your undergraduate degree and feel that you are not quite ready to enter the work force or your career options have flattened out, then a Master of Science Degree from Ball State University and the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS) may be right for you.

The CICS Program can be completed in as little as 11 months and will accept students with any undergraduate degree.  Furthermore, undergraduate degree diversity is our specialty. CICS believes that students with undergraduate degrees, not directly related to communications and technology are what make the program stand apart from any other in the country.  CICS has students from all over the world which serves to further its expertise in developing leaders in the information and communication field across the globe.

Students entering the program will be exposed to a variety of classroom instruction and lab work which will touch on every aspect of the ICT field.  The development of soft skills needed to be an effective leader at the end of the program is also accomplished through numerous social learning events that are tailored toward business management.  Additionally, students are encouraged to work and collaborate with each other while completing projects, developed and presented by the companies that will actively be recruiting them.

The Center for Information and Communication Sciences has an alumni base of nearly 2000 students. Many of them have stayed connected to the center since their graduation and return to participate in the educational development of current students.  This alumni base and their key roles in the ICT community is one of several reasons that the Center has a 90% career placement rate after graduation.

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