Outcomes of Today’s Leadership and Ethics: Ethics Apply to Everyone

Outcomes of Today’s Leadership and Ethics: Ethics Apply to Everyone

Uber’s Chief Executive Officer, Travis Kalanick, is taking a leave of absence after sexist’s remarks. This comes just a few days after the technology empire fired 20 employees for sexual harassment, discrimination, and inappropriate conduct.

“Board of directors, institutional investors, governments and the media are holding chief executive officers to a far higher level of accountability for ethical lapses than in the past,” according to the 2016 CEO Success Study, conducted by Strategy&, which explores the reasoning behind why CEOs are being shoved out of company’s due to ethics and integrity, or lack thereof.

Globally, from 2012 to 2016 CEOs have seen a 36 percent increase for people being let go for “ethical lapses.”

In 2012 Yahoo CEO, Scott Thomspon, was outed for lying on his resume about having a computer science degree. In 2015 United CEO, Jeff Smisek, left due to federal investigations. In 2017 Ubers CEO, Travis Kalanick, took a leave of absence.

CEOs leaving, being fired, and pressured out of their position is a trend that continues to rise.

There are many reasons for this including that when CEOS make ethical mistakes they are often overlooked. They are overlooked because the company may be performing well or because the company does not want to further bring damage to their reputation.

Varying sources have blamed the internet, 24-hour news cycles, and social media for the recent uptick in firings, leave of absences and walk-outs. Nevertheless, the blame should always be directed back towards the person with poor conduct.

There has always been a myriad of ethical problems in companies, it is just that now CEOs are being held accountable for actions. Companies must scrub their reputation clean with every mistake and they (literally) cannot afford to keep CEOs with poor judgement, decision making, and word choice.

Unfortunately, some people view leadership as a “do as I say, not as I do” sort of position.

In the case of Uber, from top-to-bottom, sexist and inappropriate behavior was shown eventually becoming a cesspool.

The fact is: Ethics (which is essentially treating your workplace and peers with respect) applies to everyone, especially the leaders.

Thank You for reading my post, below I have my own Code of Ethics and references listed. -DNS

I have developed my own Code of Ethics for the course to review.  During the first lecture, it was recommended that we create a code of ethics as it was during one of our final lectures. I have actively worked to improve my Code of Ethics, Credo, and Mission statement during this time- and will continue to do so upon the completion of this course. The activity forced me to consider what values are important to me and how I can apply them to my life. My Code of Ethics is modeled after the CICS format. I was influenced by the Microsoft mission statement,  Disney mission statement, McDonalds mission statement as well as the Johnson & Johnson Credo. I have attached a downloadable format.

PDF: Code of Ethics__Deja

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