Technology Leadership: Is Vision and Change All it Takes?

Technology Leadership: Is Vision and Change All it Takes?

    Technology Leadership: Is Vision and Change All It Takes?

Women are 9 percent of senior Information Technology leaders.

Here we go again, I know. The same mountain. The same conversation. The same story. Nevertheless, the inclusion conversation remains, because regression remains.

For the past two years the percentage of IT leaders has remained the same, according to the global survey of chief information and the 2017 Harvey Nash KMPG CIO survey.

In some regard the leadership gap exists because women cannot grow at their jobs before leaving because they feel uncomfortable.

“Toxic workplaces – where harassment, stereotyping and bullying – occur are driving away women and people of color,” according to Jessica Guyunn, contributor to USA today.  “Undercutting technology companies’ efforts to increase diversity and costing an estimated $16 billion a year.”

Guynns conclusions were taken from the Kapor Center for Social Impact study and Harris Poll which both consider the nature of technology companies and why people leave them.

Technology remains a hotbed for growth in jobs and leaderships positions. For this reason, there must be improvement in many areas starting with the company’s diversity efforts, the employer’s workplace environment, and properly funding and equipping schools and programs (from school age to college) with the necessary tools for success in technology fields.

There are companies including Walmart, Ford, and AT&T that have female Chief Information Officers. And Indiana’s next-door neighbor, Chicago, Illinois is home to the city with the largest number of startup companies founded by women. Further, salaries for women are rising faster than their male in the same field.

The growth is slow, and at times stagnate, but we must continue to grow.

Leadership and vision are not all it takes, especially not in information technology. It takes resilience. It takes grit. It takes optimism. And in many cases, it takes being the first- but isn’t that what leaders are all about anyway?

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