Professional Introduction – ICS 698

Professional Introduction – ICS 698

Hi everyone,

My name is Déjà Nicole Studdard!

During my undergraduate matriculation, I studied journalism at Ball State University and graduated in three years.

I am a writer. I write for businesses, non-profit organizations, women, minorities, and children. These communities need creative writing, increased awareness, and high quality research conducted. As a result of my writing, people leave my work encouraged, inspired and more knowledgeable about the world around them.   

I enjoy all forms of writing and I chose to earn a Masters of Science degree at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences because I knew that it would open doors for me. While in CICS I have learned how to write Statements of Work, Proposals, and otherwise complex and highly technical documents.

I am interested in pursuing a career in Technical Writing, Business Proposal Writing, or Consulting.

I look forward to ICS 698 ‘Problems in Information Systems’ to learn how I can further develop the leadership skills that I already have by creating a global advantage. I am also thoroughly interested in learning how to better conduct research. I would agree with Dr. Gillette when he said in his lecture today that there is a difference between “pissing and moaning” and having “data and statistics.” In any area of study, facts are key. I think of it like this: Discovering gold for a treasure hunter is synonymous to finding facts for a researcher. Your facts are your gold in your story. When conducted properly, research can change lives!

As for my life, I live in Muncie but my hometown is Indianapolis. I am 21 and I Iove interior design and all things fashion! A couple of fun facts about me are that I love roller coasters and look forward to publishing a few books in the near future, starting with a children’s book for ages 5-7!

I look forward to learning more about you and learning from this course!


All the Best,


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