Center for Information and Communication Science

Center for Information and Communication Science

The Center for Information and Communciation Sciences is an opportnuity to develop technological and leadership skills at a Masters level. The primary focus and emphasis of the program is on developing students with Creativity, Intergrity, Communication, and Service.

The professors at CICS understand that many people will learn technology, but what sets us apart from other programs is that we also have the opportunity to grow professionally through social learning events, such as golf and team building activities.

The curriculum has a few foundation courses, and from there students can choose what classes they would like to take as CICS is tailor made for students, not the other way around.

I have the desire to be a sales engineer, and I have chosen to take classes such as Consulting to further understand what it is like to collaborate with people in a professional environment. Additionally, in many of my core courses I have learned technological skills through labs and lectures.

In my short time at CICS I have been stretched to think and work like never before. I have been exposed to a new way of thinking, and I am better because of it.

I am stronger. I am more disciplined. I am more determined. I am relentless. I have a greater resolve to change the world through the power of communication and technology, and CICS has contributed to my overall growth as a professional and it will do so in just 11 months. This program is fleeting, but the possibilities are endless.


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