Debate, Communication, and Technology

Debate is the one activity in my life that I can contribute to many of my successes. Debate has taught me a multitude of skills including research, communication, persuasion, traveling, writing, and even more. I have participated in debate for the past 10 years of my life and over that decade, I have seen very many changes. When I first started debate as a freshman in high school, all of our material was printed. I am talking like literal tubs of information. This is because I did a style of debate called policy that was heavily researched and had a single topic throughout an entire year. There is a vivid memory that I have when I first saw technology in a debate round. It was my junior year of high school at a national tournament in Dallas. The opening rounds of the tournament were in a very large hotel, which made navigating my tubs of paper information pretty difficult. Then the other team showed up and all they had was two laptops and I was thrown for a loop. Now though this is a very normal practice in many debate leagues around America. To be honest I still use paper and will probably never be comfortable with using technology in a debate round, but for many people it has made debate more accessible. So even though I may not use it technology in the debate world has been a great addition to an already great activity. I hope that in the future debate incorporates even more technology all throughout its competitions.

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