Rural Broadband and Wireless

I come from a rural community right here in Indiana. The small town of Columbia City is where I grew up and learned the ails of rural broadband even before I knew it was a problem around the country. For starters, I never had more than dial up until early in high school. I experienced the internet at school but at home, it was a no go. For me this was not necessarily a problem, but in the age of information that exist today, internet access can make or break a student’s high school career. Alas my story continues, once we got broadband there was still trouble to deal with. At the time, there were only two internet providers to choose from and both had their flaws. I have many vivid memories of doing homework on internet that either was cutting in and out or seemed to be the same speed as the dial up that we used to have. The worst part about this is that whenever I go home the internet is still subpar. From what I understand, access to internet is still a plague across rural America. There are a couple of different reasons for this. The first is that the infrastructure to give nationwide broadband is simply nonexistent. The second problem is that supplying internet to rural areas is not a profitable endeavor. There are two solutions to this problem. The first is the creation of regulations that force utility companies to provide to everyone. The second comes to us from wireless environments, such as 5G, that could provide broadband in mass.

Here are some articles about rural broadband:

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