The Information Renaissance

Information is all around us. The fact that you are viewing this blog means that you are on the internet, which is one of the largest conglomerates of information in existence. Information is very important because of the way that it influences our understanding of reality. This leads to the importance of the ability to access information. Over time, information has become more and more available, because of the information renaissance. As a brief definition, the information renaissance is a period of time in which there was exponential growth in information technologies that began in the early 2000’s. Arguably, this is a renaissance that is still ongoing. It is not so much to do with new technologies now it is more to do with how many people can access available information. This is especially important in parts of the world that are still developing. They have the chance to create a more advanced set of utilities than we have. One of the more interesting parts of the information renaissance has to do with the integration of new ideas. Take Google Fiber for example. Recently when I was traveling over the summer, I went through Chattanooga Tennessee. All throughout Chattanooga there were billboards that advertised there installation of fiber to the home. This service gives Chattanooga some of the fastest and most reliable service in the nation. This test service is just the beginning if successful we may see Google Fiber introduced to other parts of the nation. This among other things is a perfect example of what’s happening in the information renaissance.

Here is some more information about the information renaissance.

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