Plagiarism Now and Then

Throughout my academic career, I have constantly heard about the dangers of plagiarism, but have never experienced them. As we all already know, plagiarism is a serious offense that affects many people within a community where it occurs. In the age of technology, we are lucky enough to have the means to combat plagiarism. For example, one of my assignments for my assistantship is to teach the basic communications course here at Ball State. As an instructor for this course, I have to have my students turn in their work using a program called SafeAssign. This program has the ability to compare students assignments to a wealth of literature along with every assignment ever submitted to SafeAssign. The program then gives a percentage-based readout of how much of the students assignment is original content. This tool has been very helpful and reassuring for me as an instructor. I have to wonder how plagiarism was checked before the advent of programs such as SafeAssign. It would have been pretty simple for experts, such as professors, to see when students had copied material that already existed in the field, but it may have been much more difficult to catch students who copied each other. When a student decides to plagiarize off of their own work or others they hurt themselves the most. This is because the student may pass the course without learning the material, which will lead them to a very difficult future. This discussion should show how dangerous plagiarism can be and that it can be more easily caught now making it both dangerous and difficult to accomplish.

Here are some famous cases of plagiarism.

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