Research Leaders: A High Need in Today’s Healthcare Market

Research Leaders: A High Need in Today’s Healthcare Market

Healthcare technology research is among the greatest areas of focus the world needs to address, as we are facing immediate threats that need our attention. Currently, as bacteria and disease adapt to the antibiotics that are currently on the market, the businesses that have the ability to fund the extensive research needed have no incentive to contribute as there is no guaranteed immediate revenue. The market is in high demand for a research leader who will understand this threat and take a proactive approach to address this issue. However, the general public are also responsible for taking a leadership role in understanding what they need to do to help slow down the rise of drug resistant bacteria.1

Drug resistant bacteria have become heavily prevalent in recent years and have only been growing stronger. The more antibiotics are used, the less they are effective. Penicillin, which launched this “antibiotic age” in the 1940, was already learned and combatted by the evolving and learning bacteria in just a few short years. Alexander Fleming, the creator of penicillin, understood the danger of the overconsumption of antibiotics and the ability of the bacteria to evolve. He stated, “The thoughtless person playing with penicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of the man who succumbs to infection with the penicillin-resistant organism.”2 This resistance is growing at an exorbitant rate from 10-15 percent in the 90’s to over 60 percent today. If this trend of lack of research continues, our kids will become the first generation in a century that will die more commonly from infectious disease than lifestyle behaviors and cancer. A trend that is avoidable but difficult to put into fruition.3

We’re currently facing an immediate threat that is being swept under the rug by the CDC and news outlets. Research departments have become less R&D oriented and more business oriented and we may suffer because of it. Funding and time are the driving forces that are needed to combat these diseases and the research and pharmaceutical companies don’t believe that is a reliable business model. In order to leave behind a better future, incentivized research, more grant funding, and realistic time deadlines are needed to get these players into the market. Between the general public and the pharmaceutical companies, leadership in the research field is imperative if we want to continue our way of life. Without this radical and necessary change, we will see a very different and very problematic world.




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