Communication Through CICS Eyes

There are multiple communication theories, all of them define how communication works or the process involved in communication. Personally, I like Julia T Wood’s communication definition where she states, “communication is a systematic process in which people interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meaning” (Woods 2015).

In my ICS-602 class we were challenged to analyze different theories and developing our own. The class is a challenging class, but thanks to it now I have a better understanding of what human communication is, how dynamic can be and the way that it is transformed due to technology advancements. For instance, the Information Renaissance is a clear example of how technology affects human communication. Furthermore, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web 2.0 enable users to communicate in ways that were not available two decades ago.

In fact, to better understand each other and our evolving society, we must be willing to accept diversity. Communication has been around since the beginning of mankind, and it will continue to prosper and evolve as long as our species survives. For this reason, Picasso’s art, graffiti on benches, an autistic kid screaming, Morse code, Braille system, algebra terminology, and even our own ICS-602 class are all forms of communication waiting for the right entity to be decoded and perhaps understood (Macias 2016).

The next time you encounter a misunderstanding, think about the other people in context or frame of reference. You will be amazed how many times we can come to a mutual understanding if we learn to listen. Tom Peters stated in his book Thriving On Chaos, “engaged listening may be the principal mark of concern that one human being can evince for another, in any setting” (Peters 1987, p. 437).  

Finally, I would like to share what my friend and peer Erica Stevens said about communication: “There are thousands of components and forms of human communication that have been discovered throughout time (Stevens 2016)”. Now we just have to learn to embrace all of these different components and appreciate the diversity of our world to achieve a common goal among mankind – clear and concise communication.

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