Social Media and A Company’s Reputation

Social Media and A Company’s Reputation

I think that the use and impact of social media can be either beneficial or detrimental to a company’s reputation. It all depends on the use and context of social media posts that are done by the company. There are billions of social media users in the world, so social media is a very effective way to reach people and advertise, and that number will only increase looking towards the future. Social media allows companies to be able to share information and content faster and easier than ever before. If done effectively, social media can grab people’s attention, tap into people’s emotions, and create humor and entertainment for the audience. Creating images that are simple and entertaining will grab people’s attention quickly. People who see effective social media posts are likely to explore further and visit said company’s official website. Company social media use also increases brand awareness and increases customer loyalty. In all of these cases, social media use would be beneficial for a company and its reputation.

However, if social media use is not done properly, it can be detrimental to a company. Everything needs to be worded carefully and controversial topics should be avoided. If a company posts something that is related to a controversial subject, they are also inviting people to comment on that post, which can lead to your audience writing negative comments about you on the post. Another example of bad social media use is using a tragic event on a post, such as a celebrity death. This can look like the company is using the tragic event for advertising their product or service and can look bad for them. Sometimes it’s just better to not say anything at all. It’s also important for company’s social media accounts to think twice before trying to follow trends, especially if they can be of sensitive nature. Don’t post something that’s meant to be funny when the hashtag is about something serious, such as relationship abuse, sexual harassment, etc. This will negatively impact your company and will result in bad press for your company.

Social media is a tool that companies should take advantage of. Creating posts and images that are entertaining and easy to understand will be great advertising and branding of your product or service. It provides multiple platforms for you to be able to easily reach your audience and even directly respond to their comments, if desired. However, the use of social media needs to be done properly. Be sure that only people you trust can post for you, and that it’s not in the hands of just anyone, and that posts could not be potentially considered offensive in some situations. This will quickly turn into negative attention for your company. Keep everyone in mind, be creative, and entertain your audience in order to use social media to its full potential.

– Darian McKinney

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