Conflicting Management Styles

Conflicting Management Styles

Conflict is inevitable and we all have will have to deal with it at some point in life. How we deal with conflict however, is what separates and defines us as individuals. When referencing conflict management, five styles are typically associated. These styles include; accommodating, avoiding, competing, collaborating, and compromising. Each of these styles fall between a scale of assertiveness and cooperativeness. Knowing what each of the conflict management styles are and applying them to your life and work environment can aid in how well you resolve conflict and uneasy situations.

Personally, I feel as though my conflict management style lies between accommodating and compromising. I don’t like to give a lot of my energy to conflict so when faced, I typically try to mediate, and see what will work best for everyone involved. That way we can move on and get the task completed. Although I typically stay in between those two, in given situations each of these styles can be utilized. If I am trying to accommodate everyone’s needs and someone isn’t willing to meet me half way then I transition into the avoiding style. Doing so allows all parties involved time to cool down and consider the situation. Sometimes I also feel as though I use the competing style. I have found that when working in groups, everyone has an opinion or idea about something. When I think my idea or solution is the best one then I get more assertive on why I think we should go with my idea over my teams. Although I want my idea to be the one chosen I also know how to collaborate with my team members in order to satisfy all sides.

Although we may think that our conflict management style is one way, we will ultimately end up using all five at some point or in some situation. Being able to understand situations and take a step back to evaluate what the true conflict is, will make it easier for you decide which direction you need to go in order to come to a resolution.


– Cheria Averitte

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