Influence of Television

Influence of Television

Over the past decade, television markets have grown exponentially due to the increase in demand.  The implementation of online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and more have provided continuous access to the addicting shows available on television.  Although there can be varying effects on television viewers depending on their age, intelligence, social status, and amount of use, the question remains, what is the real impact of increased television usage?

In my opinion, the amount of television you watch directly correlates to your perception of the world.  Regarding light television users, I believe there are several benefits to watching television.  In many ways, I believe television in small doses can promote creativity.  Experiencing new ideas seen on television can stimulate the brain and increase creative thinking.  Along with creative thinking, I believe television can provide an educational benefit.  It is important to note that you cannot believe everything you see on television, but there are many shows that provide great factual references.  Lastly, light television use is a great avenue for entertainment purposes.  As humans, we need breaks from reality.  I believe light television usage has many benefits, and provides very few drawbacks.

The issue with television is when light usage transitions to heavy usage.  Heavy users can expand their vocabulary and at times positively influence emotions from their enjoyment of television; but these benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages.  Heavy television users are prone to develop an alternate sense of reality.  For example, minorities tend to be victimized more often than others in scary movies.  In conjunction with this fact, the idea of “don’t believe everything you hear on television” comes into play.  How many times have you heard this statement? Likely a lot.  The mass amount of television viewing can cause viewers to become ignorant to the facts of real life, as they experience what they believe to be fact through television. Heavy television viewers tend to waste much of their time, as they could be productively researching, socializing, or generating their own sense of creativity.

While I am aware of the fact that heavy television viewing can become costly to an individual’s development, it hardly influences my television viewing decisions.  I do not consider myself a high television viewer to begin with, but I would also not say I watch little television.  I tend to watch sports more than shows and movies, and I also tend to do homework or research while watching.  I do find myself in isolating to the outside world at times, but I also believe that is partially due to my personality in general.  Overall, I believe I have control over my television viewing, and believe I can filter the good from the bad.  The main issue remains; we all must be aware of the issues television can cause.


– Tyler Raab

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