When to Use Your Cellphone

When to Use Your Cellphone

In our hyper-connected society it’s nearly a guarantee that everybody has a cellphone on them at all times. Whether you use your phone to chat with friends or use it to run a business, our phones are very important to us. However, it’s critical to understand the do’s and don’ts of cellphone etiquette. Being careless with your cellphone could offend somebody, give off a bad impression, or hurt your chances of getting that dream job. Here I have detailed some cellphone etiquette basics that are sure to keep you out of hot water.


At work

  • Do not touch phones during meetings
  • Have a professional ring tone
  • Silence your device
  • Only answer important calls
  • Move calls into a more private setting

At home

  • Do not take phone to the dinner table
  • Do not take calls when already talking to others


  • Avoid personal topics around others
  • Do not raise voice or yell while on the phone
  • Don’t take calls while on public transportation
  • End call when purchasing something
  • Turn off phone while on flights

– Kaitlin Franke

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