Television’s Influence

Television’s Influence

Television has become a staple in our modern society and provides us the ability to communicate to a large number of people at once. Since it’s early adoption, it has been used as a tool to pass along local, national, and world news to users who may or may not use television heavily. I personally believe that television can affect you the more you watch it, but it also depends on what part of television you watch.

As a former heavy television user, I have seen the effects that it can have on people that watch television heavily. I have seen it come to a point where the news that heavy users watch, the users end up making assumptions about their local area or the world. With the news these days focusing mostly on the negatives, users tend to presume the world is a bad place or heading down the wrong path. Also, heavy users tend to cling to certain shows that affect their personalities or well-being. For instance, let’s say a person watches “Family Guy” about 80% of their total television viewing. These people tend to do more reckless acts of behavior and tend to use foul language more often in simple conversations. Lastly, watching excessive amounts of violent and crude television can effect learning habits. I feel that this is something that should be strongly recognized and regulated for young children as they are very malleable to anything that they see happen.

Not all television is bad for you however. Watching educational television such as Animal Planet and PBS can be beneficial to one’s personal growth, especially people at a young age. These networks present a positive learning experience that enhances ones intelligence and creativity. Watching non-violent or very little violent television such as sports and family sitcoms can also be watched at high rates, but will have little to no effect on a person’s learning habits, personalities, or sexual behavior and can promote self-motivation, confidence, and relationship building.

As stated previously, I personally do not watch much television. The few times I do watch television is to watch NCAA or NBA basketball games or the occasional award shows such as the MTV Music Awards, the Grammys, or the Oscars. Thus, I feel that because of what I believe in the impacts of heavy television usage can do to a person, I will not be watching a lot of television, but if I do happen to watch a lot of television, it will be sports or something that can mildly stimulate my mind.


– Marcus Berry

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