Mercedes Promises Self-Driving Taxis in Just Three Years

Mercedes is also jumping into the race to finish the driverless car and get into the seemingly very profitable future market. “That’s a big part of the reason the market for partly and fully self-driving vehicles could be worth $42 billion in just seven years and $77 billion by 2035, according to Boston Consulting Group” (Davies, 2017 April 04). This very profitable market has attracted multiple different companies into the race. “If you’re betting on Silicon Valley stars like Google, Tesla, and Uber to free you from your horrorshow commute with autonomous driving technology, don’t. That’s the key takeaway from a new report that finds Ford—yes, the Detroit-based, 113-year-old giant—is winning the race to build the self-driving car, with General Motors running a close second. Renault-Nissan, Daimler, and Volkswagen round out the top five. Meanwhile, Waymo—aka Google’s driverless car effort—sits in sixth place, with Tesla in twelfth. Uber languishes in sixteenth, behind Honda and barely ahead of startup Nutonomy and China’s Baidu” (Davies, 2017 April 03). Although these tech companies are ahead in the technology aspect, the strategies developed by Ford and GM in the actual automotive industry give them a cutting edge advantage over some of their key competitors.

Having these different factors of manufacturing and go-to-market strategy being taken into consideration, it may not be too far off for Daimler to make claims which seem farfetched currently. This company seems to be on more of the cutting edge when it comes to cars and getting these cars out on the roads as soon as possible seems very advantageous to these new developers. This current climate and race seems similar to the race to the moon, but now is being displayed in the private sector instead of politics. However, we can expect to see self-driving cars becoming a more prevalent reality within the near future.


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