Information Wealth in Web 2.0

Information Wealth in Web 2.0

With the wealth of information on the internet, the potential for information wealth is endless.

As students of CICS find ourselves sprinting towards the finish line to complete the Fall semester, we can all take one major thing with us as a key to becoming better professionals in the “real world.”

We all had to learn how to use our resources to our advantage.

One such resource, the Internet. The internet is full of resources that we in academia can’t even comprehend. One thing that I constantly get reminded of as well, is that our resources are ever changing. In today’s world, the creation of Web 2.0 was a means to adapting oneself to current world, rather than the world of yesterday. In essence, through Web 2.0, we are learning from the users, rather than the creators.

I feel that this is more direct to this new Information Age that we live in. Learning from the experiences of users rather than from the content of creators helps us as fellow users to fully understand the role this information plays in our lives. Whether it be through social media or a blog, the constant streams of information in the world today allow us to use this wealth to our advantages as we grow to become professional leaders of the future.

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