Paywall PDF references for upcoming Blog Post 4

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Posting these here so CICS readers of the Weblog will have access to the articles I am citing in the upcoming Blog Post 4 – (Mis-)Aligning R&D Strategy and the ICT Revolution with Socio-economic Productivity.

They are behind a paywall to non-subscribers of Stratfor, Geopolitical Futures, and Mauldin Economics (although one or two articles can be viewed for free with an email address.)

These may also be ussed as resources for my colleagues for their own blog posts and discussion contributions, as well as our esteemed Professor, Dr. Gillette. There may or may not be more cited references in the final weblog post but these are the ones that will be behind a paywall.  A ZIP software (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.) will be required to unzip the compressed folder containing these documents.


Bey, M.  (2016, March 29).  “The Tech Revolution Comes to Age.”  STRATFOR | Geopolitical Weekly.

Friedman, G.  (2016, May 5).  “Productivity in the US Continues to Decline.”  Geopolitical Futures | Reality Check.

Bayer, L.  (2016, May 13).  “Examining the Drop in US Productivity.”  Geopolitical Futures.

“Weekly Chart:  U.S. Labor Productivity.”  Geopolitical Futures | Weekly Graphics.

Keller, R.  (2016, June 7).  “The Rise of Manufacturing Marks the Fall of Globalization.”  Stratfor | Geopolitical Weekly.

To be useful or (maybe) used: