Why men should care about the gender gap

Why men should care about the gender gap

By Alison Lytle

January 21, 2017

The consequences of the gender gap and inequality affect us all, and men have a very important role in facilitating progress. Eliminating the gender gap isn’t a concern that should rest solely on female shoulders; the reality is, gender inequality is not favorable to inclusive economic development.1 Poor economic growth is detrimental to everyone, not just women.

Diversity is necessary for a strong economy, but the gap will persist without the help of our men. Equality in the labor force would contribute 28 trillion dollars on a global scale, however, all but 18 countries have some form of legal discrimination against women.2   This illustrates why it is so important for men to take a stand. We need to think about the value of women’s work and the ways in which they contribute to our lives, businesses, and ultimately, our economies.

Take a moment to reflect on the groups and teams that you’ve been a part of. Were some more diverse than others? Were there differences in the quality of the results? In my experience, the more diverse the group and the more varied the perspective, the better the outcome.  Keep in mind that women’s rights are human rights, and that sexism remains a very real problem in our society.3

Consider the women you interact with daily; your family members, friends, and colleagues. Do you value their leadership, their organizational skills, and their intellect? In your mind, are they worth what you’re worth? Because they should be.


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