ICS698 Weblog Introduction

ICS698 Weblog Introduction


My name is Alison Lytle. I am currently working towards my Master of Science in Information and Communication Sciences at Ball State University. My undergraduate degree in psychology is from Ball State as well. I have also completed graduate level coursework in Industrial/Organizational psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

My work experience is quite varied. I have held positions ranging from retail associate to physical properties technician. I have managed a chemical lab, and cared for the developmentally disabled. I have done research in many areas, including employee selection and turnover, and communication and perception. I hope to pursue some business ventures, as well as write professionally.

I am looking forward to learning from my professor and colleagues in 698. I value the knowledge I obtain from our collaborations, and I really love that this program welcomes individuals from various undergraduate backgrounds; the diversity strengthens our outcomes. I have enjoyed learning about global policy, business, and communication so far in the program, and look forward to the new knowledge that this class will bring.






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