Information Renaissance: The New Age of Technology

Information Renaissance: The New Age of Technology

The Information Renaissance refers to the current time period, and is characterized by the expansion of technology, social reform, literature, etc., post Information Revolution. The 1980’s were crucial for certain technology that is commonplace today: the personal computer and the Internet.  This was just the beginning for several related advancements that paved the way for where we are today: web browsers, blogs, search engines, social media sites, and video publishing sites.  This “renaissance” period in information has earned that label due to the resemblance in dynamics to the European Renaissance.

Renaissance periods offer major advancements but also major social conflicts.  We have been seeing (and will continue to see) amazing technological advances, but must also be prepared for serious conflict and division.  In light of recent events (ie the election), I believe that the time of conflict is upon us.  I truly feel that the new administration will do its best to undermine the last several years of social advancement and inclusiveness, though advancements in technology will hopefully avoid any negative impacts.

It will be interesting to see what the next few years of this renaissance period will bring. There is a definite division between the citizens of this country, with notable differences in perspective among political and social groups. Negativity aside, we are on the brink of amazingly innovative technological advancements: 5G wireless technology, cognitive radio, carbon positive homes, solar, wind, and wave energy systems, plus numerous other inventions. It is my belief that the positives of this era will far outweigh the negatives.

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