This Podcast is For You

This Podcast is For You

Most of you reading this post are probably inclined to spending time learning about and using the technology present in your lives. You may often consider what the future holds for technology and what technology holds for the future. You may often consider the impacts that technology has on your quality of life day in and day out.

If you are like me, and often think about what impacts technology has on our lives, and how our lives impact technology, I would strongly recommend listening to WNYC’s Note to Self. This podcast is produced by WNYC Studios and is hosted by Manoush Zomorodi. I have found that the content of the episodes has been incredibly relevant to the world of technology around me—even before I began studying information and communication technologies myself.

Episodes are usually around 20 minutes and include the input of speakers from all walks of life. The way in which humans use, benefit, and are crippled by technology are examined as well as the way emerging technologies can allow us to live more fulfilling lives. Common discussions have focused on mindfulness, social media, communication, and more recently of course, the election cycle.

The podcast is available on mobile devices as well as a web browser through the link embedded above. New episodes are aired every Wednesday.

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